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Białystok Legal Studies vol. 22 nr 2


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Kinga Bączyk-Rozwadowska
Current problems of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in the Context of Parental Aspirations

Paweł Czaplicki, Zina Kroczek-Sawicka
Legal Aspects of the “Windows of Life”

Katarzyna Maria Zoń
The Limits of Autonomy of a Minor Patient and the Nature of Selected Medical Interventions

Anna Sporczyk
The Limits of Autonomy of a Young Living Donor in Transplantation

Magda Olesiuk-Okomska
Consent to Deceased Donation in the American Transplant System

Anna Dąbrowska, Katarzyna Jarnutowska
“Will of Life” as a Challenge for the Polish Legislator – Selected Problems

Agnieszka Wojcieszak, Katarzyna Arciszewska
Situation of the Incapacitated in Granting Consent to Medical Treatment. Selected Issues

Karolina Góralczyk
The Right to Demand to Withhold Information as an Expression of Patient’s Autonomy

Urszula Drozdowska
The Admissibility of ‘Private Opinions’ in Civil Medical Litigation Based on the Patient’s Right to Medical Documentation

Krzysztof Michalak, Jakub Grzegorz Firlus
Administrative Limitations of Patient’s Autonomy – Remarks on Involuntary Treatment

Katarzyna Rybarczyk
Limitations of Patient’s Right to Self-Determination Due to Hospitalization for Tuberculosis



Jan Kolada
Commentary on the Judgement of the Court of Appeal in Krakow of 12 May 2015 (File No. I ACa 204/15)



A few Comments on the Rights of the Child as Depicted in the Book by Błażej Kmieciak “Rights of Child as a Patient”