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Białystok Legal Studies vol. 22 nr 1


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Cezary Kulesza
Evolution of the Models of Disciplinary Procedures in the Light of the Conventional and Constitutional Standards of the Right to a Trial

Paweł Czarnecki
A Minor Disciplinary Breach in the Polish Legal System

Karolina Kremens
The Model of Disciplinary Proceedings Against Prosecutors – Selected Issues

Dariusz Pożaroszczyk
Disciplinary Procedure in Polish Special Services in the Light of the Concept of a Fair Trial Exemplified by the Disciplinary Procedure of the Internal Security Agency

Kinga Łuniewska
Disciplinary Liability of Legal Advisors and Legal Advisor Trainees in the Face of the Principle of a Fair Trial

Łukasz Chojniak
The Analysis of Some Problems Associated with the Application of Substantive Disciplinary Law Referring to Advocates within the Scope of a Fair Trial for the Accused

Izabela Urbaniak-Mastalerz
Application of the Provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure in Disciplinary Proceedings Against Attorneys

Rossana Broniecka
Justifi cation of Judgments of the Advocacy Disciplinary Tribunal

Marcin Wielec
Coincidence of Criminal and Disciplinary Proceedings in the Context of the Provisions of the Law on Higher Education



Cezary Kulesza
Commentary on the Judgment of the Supreme Court of 14 December 2016 (Ref. No. III KK 152/16)

Andrzej Sakowicz
Commentary on the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 29 June 2016, case C-486/14, Criminal proceedings against Piotr Kossowski



Maciej Fingas, Powers to alter decisions under appeal in the Polish criminal trial

Klaus Marxen, Weiheraum. Roman, Bouvier Verlag, Bonn 2015 (Ewa Kowalewska-Borys)