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Białystok Legal Studies vol. 25 nr 1

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Wojciech Radkiewicz
Admissibility to Employ an Academic Teacher on the Basis of a Contract for Specific Work

Tomasz Bakalarz
The Legal Fiction of Recognizing the Duties of an Academic Teacher as a Creative Activity

Aleksandra Bocheńska
The Rector’s Competence in Disciplinary Procedures in the Case of Academic Teachers

Izabela Florczak
(In)dependence of a PhD Student in Shaping the Research Route on the Basis of the Act on Higher Education and Science

Beata Rutkowska
Implementation of Article 251 of the Labour Code in Higher Education

Anna Dubowik
The New Regulation of the Employment Relationship of Academic Teachers – Contentious Issues

Joanna Zaremba
Axiology of Financial Law

Małgorzata Ofiarska
Aid Provided by Local Self-government Units as Value Complementing Legal Institution of Cooperation in Self-government

Zbigniew Ofiarski
Assumptions of the Monetary Policy Council in Fiscal Policy and Protection of Monetary Regime as Public Value

Radosław Niwiński
Public Financing of Sport Infrastructure versus State Aid

Piotr Wojewski
Administrative agreement as a Legal Form of Administration in the Light of the System of Implementation of the Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund by Public Finance Sector Entities

Tinatin Zhorzholiani
An Assessment of Corruption’s Impact on the Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (in the Case of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan)



Monika Latos – Miłkowska
Piotr Grzebyk, From the Rule of Strength to the Rule of Law. The Polish Model of the Right to Strike Against the Background of European and International Labour Law Standards, Scientific Publisher SCHOLAR, Warszawa 2019, pp. 272

Sławomir Redo
Halina Święczkowska, Language as the mirror of world order. On the 370th anniversary of the birth of G. W. Leibniz and 300th anniversary of his death, University of Białystok Publishing House, Białystok 2016, pp. 152