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Białystok Legal Studies vol. 23 nr 4

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Anetta Breczko, Marta Andruszkiewicz
The Question of the Value of Human Life in Theoretical Discussions and in Practice. A Legal Philosophical and Theory of Law Perspective

Monika Domańska
People with Disabilities as a Vulnerable Group. The Concept of Protection of Rights of Vulnerable Groups

Michael Schwartz
Providing Effective Communication Access for Deaf People: An Insider’s Perspective

Maciej Perkowski, Maciej Oksztulski
Autism as a Disability (From the Lawyer’s Perspective)

Elena Shinkareva
Development of Law on Protection from Disability-based Discrimination in Russia

Katarzyna Laskowska
Social and Legal Situation of Handicapped Persons in the Russian Federation

Eric Namungalu
Dealing with Legal Capacity and Its Related Challenges in Uganda

Cora True-Frost
American Law, Global Norms: The Challenge of Enforcing Children with Disabilities’ Right to a Free and Appropriate Education

Ramona Duminică, Andra Puran
The Right to Education for the Persons with Disabilities. Special View on the Romanian Legislation

Iwona Wrońska
Children with Disabilities in the Committee Ministers of the Council of Europe’s Soft Law

James W. Hynes, Ph.D., William D. Edgington, Ed.D
When Everything Old is New Again: Amish Career and Technical Education

Katarzyna Jaworska
The Concept and Entitlements of the Unemployed with Disabilities

Cezary Pachnik
The Protection Provided by the CPRD for Persons with Schizophrenia in the Field of Employment – from a Polish Perspective

Karolina Sztobryn
The New Provisions on Access to Protected Works for Visually Impaired Persons – One Small Step for Copyright, One Giant Leap for People with Disabilities

Tomasz Dubowski
The European Union and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Selected Institutional Aspects of Implementation

Sylwia Afrodyta Karowicz-Bienias
Nazi Crimes on People with Disabilities in the Light of International Law – a Brief Review



Urszula Drozdowska
Commentary on the Judgment of the Court of Appeal in Katowice of 11 September 2015, Reference Number V Aca 109/15



Anna Drabarz
Lisa Waddington, Anna Lawson (eds.), The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Practice. A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Courts



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