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Białystok Legal Studies vol. 24 nr 4

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Marian Grzybowski
Chancellor of Justice in Swedish, Finnish and Estonian Constitutionality – Eastern Baltic Singularity or an Offer to Consider?

Anna Michalak
Consequences of Enacting the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 for British Constitutional Parliamentary Practice

Łukasz Jakubiak
The French System of Government from the Perspective of Sixty Years of Application of the Constitution of the Fifth Republic

Kamila Bezubik
Bundestag and National Parliaments

Krzysztof Prokop
The Federal Government in Belgium (Constitutional and Administrative Aspects)

Monika Giżyńska
The Institution of the President in the Republic of Lithuania

Katarzyna Szwed
The Construction of the Institution of a Nationwide Referendum in the Estonian Constitutional System

Artur Olechno
Sources of the Democratic Principles of the Constitution of Ukraine

Aksana Chmyha
The Legal Grounds of Emergence and Termination of Mandates of Members of Parliaments in Belarus and Poland: a Comparitive Analysis

Stanisław Bożyk
The Political Position of the Knesset in the Constitutional System of Modern Israel

Joanna Kowalewska
The Constitutional Foundations of the Structure of the Supreme Federal Authorities in the United Arab Emirates

Igor Szpotakowski
The Constitutional Framework of the Political System in the People’s Republic of China

Andrzej Pogłódek
Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branch in the Nagorno-Karabakh Constitution of 20 February 2017

Jerzy Szukalski
Evolution of the Constitutional Position of the Parliament of Tajikistan in the Light of Constitutional Reforms in the Years 1990-2016

Justyna Eska-Mikołajewska
Constitutional Consequences of Reforms on the Fijian Electoral System as a State Functioning in the Conditions of an Ethnically Divided Society

Piotr Czeczot
Eighteenth-Century Constitiution Today – on the Difficulties in Interpretation of the Second Amendment to the American Constitution. Legal Provision Analysis

Piotr Uziębło
The Principle of Representation in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay



Andrzej Jackiewicz
Commentary to the Judgment of the Spanish Constitutional Court of 17 October 2017 in the Case of STC 114/2017 Regarding the Law of the Catalan Parliament on the Referendum on Self-Determination



Stanisław Bożyk
Gregorio Badeni, Tratado de derecho constitucional, vol. 1-3, Editorial La Ley, Buenos Aires 2010, pp. 3 152




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