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Białostockie Studia Prawnicze Zeszyt 24 nr 1

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Elżbieta Kużelewska
Same-Sex Marriage – A Happy End Story? The Effectiveness of Referendum on Same-Sex Marriage in Europe

Izabela Kraśnicka
Mechanisms of Direct Democracy in the United States. The Case of Same-Sex Marriages under the Popular Vote in California

Małgorzata Podolak
Rights of Sexual Minorities as the Subject of Referenda in the Republic of Slovenia

Marcin Rachwał

Referendum on Abortion in Poland. Submitted Proposals and Main Topics of the Debate

Marta Michalczuk-Wlizło
Citizens’ Legislative Initiative in Socially Controversial Matters Submitted to the Sejm of the 8th Term

Bogumiła Puchalska

Referenda as a Threat to Democracy and Constitutionalism: a Few Lessons from the ‘Brexit’ Vote

Bartłomiej H. Toszek
Brexit Referendum in Gibraltar. Result and Effect

Magdalena Perkowska
Popular Initiative as an Instrument of Criminal Policy Towards Foreigners in Switzerland

Marcin Łukaszewski
When the People’s Needs Are Not Listened to: Istanzad’Arengo on the Background of Other Forms of Direct Democracy in San Marino

Bruna Žuber, Igor Kaučič
Referendum Challenges in the Republic of Slovenia

Fabio Ratto Trabucco
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Italian Referendum Tools

Khatuna Muradishvili
Referendum on Tax Legislation of Georgia



Cezary Golędziowski

Matt Qvortrup, Referendums and Ethnic Confl ict, University of Pennsylvania Press 2014


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